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For those who aren't technically alive until they've had their morning brew. Raise the Dead is a casual coffee shop, boasting a deadly good cuppa and some delightfully sinful baked goods. Let us resurrect you.

Mountain equipment made easy. Climbing sports can be intimidating. there's a whole language to learn, etiquette, tones of different equipment, and more. Rota welcomes you and is ready to teach you everything you need to know to curate your unique mountaineering experience.  

If you're searching for luxury, you've found it. Henry's Honey is ethically sourced, organic, and homegrown from British apiaries. Our honey is light, sweet, and decadent. Henry's Honey is a star highlight to desserts, teas, or even simply tasted on its own.

Bringing people together over meaningful meals. Forks and Spoons aims to create a closer community through the common denominator of food. Meals are prepared for and by the community, engaging users in meaningful meals in which they re-connect with one and other, while simultaneously fundraising to create more community events and provide healthy, substantial meals.

Warmth, kindness, love, and wool are the main ingredients in these handcrafted goods. A team of two, Wood's Edge Co creates beautiful crafts and wearables for an affordable price. Pieces are equally as practical as they are beautiful, full of love and care. 

Who doesn't love to wind down after a busy day at the farm? Mosey into Jones' Backroad Pit Stop to fuel up and wind down after all that work you did. Cold beers on tap, warm food in the oven. Owners 'Whiskey Dick' and 'Sugar Tits' will make you feel right at home, you may even find yourself having to join a friendly game of Jeopardy!

Every year, members of southwestern agriculture join together to put on an annual conference brimming with information, new technology, networking, and more. A typically sold out event, the Southwestern Agricultural Conference is a must-do for anyone in the agriculture industry.

Always avoid ladders? Black cats freak you out? Stay indoors on Friday the thirteenth? Neither do we. Bad Luck ice cream  embraces umbrellas opened inside and broken mirrors. Whether you are superstitious, or just a little stitious, come in for one of our unique, homemade ice cream varieties.

The Desert Locust produces an astonishing amount of vitamin D, something vital for the serotonin production and happiness in humans. France has an alarming depression and suicide statistics, and therefore is a perfect candidate for Le Locuste Heureux , a bakery specializing in anti-depressive baguettes based on  carefully formatted Desert Locust recipe. 

Punta Cana Painting is a London based company bent on making the world a more beautiful place. With roots based in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana Painting will take care of your needs be ti indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the view. 

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