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design unknown

A collaborative exhibition, with individual elements.

Working with my graduating class, we put together an exhibition showcasing our collaboration over the years, a celebration of our achievements, and, most importantly, an interactive experience for our guests and supporters to engage in.

On the 'event design' team, we were tasked with creating and occupying the physical space we had been given within the gallery. These elements needed to follow the strict branding guidelines set out by the branding team, consider movement and way finding, be functional, and keep an appealing aesthetic.

On an individual note, I aimed to create a large piece that would be striking enough to create an area for pictures and conversation. Initially intended to be a suspended piece overhead, the eight foot tall structure soon became the main focal point upon entering the gallery, framing our introductory panel and introducing the rest of our exhibition with a bang. 

Scroll down to see the process from start to finish. 

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