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unstructured play

A collaborative project with Zip Tao and Rui Hu, along with a team of four children in second grade.

A long process, we teamed up with a group of kids to be able to design a new toy based on the concept of

unstructured play. From initial personal research, to

activities curated to spark inspiration, to presenting final physical toys to our small co-designers, the process was full of learning curbs. 

The outcome was rewarding as it was fun. We developed a set of colourful pieces, in five different shapes, that slid together in a number of ways. The versatility of the pieces and their possible connections led to the creation of UFOs, skyscrapers, tops, and more. The final toy was so successful with the second-graders that they eventually asked to be able to take all of the pieces back to their classroom, which we of course obliged to.

Scroll below for more images and the full process book.

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