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Tasty Sweets Cafe and Bakery


Small town and family-run cafe and bakery, specializing in homemade goods. The main focus being on cakes, pies, and desserts, the establishment also offers a light fare style menu of homemade soups, chilli, and sandwiches on fresh baked bread. The business offers sit-in dining, take-out options, catering, custom orders, and a banquet room for large parties. 

Target Audience:

Homeowners, ages 35-55, working class, value homemade food, support local businesses, not concerned with special dietary restrictions (ie gluten, dairy)

Mission Statement:


Average resident age is 46, average number of residents per household is 2.2 (70% having 2 or less), 16% of residents are children (under the age 15), approx. 1300 population, predominantly farming community, average income per resident is approx. $45k/year.


Based on 2016 West Lorne census

To provide a warm, friendly, and familiar place to enjoy homemade food and desserts to a deserving community.


Homemade, local, classic/traditional

* 63% of purchases at a bakery are bread (2018 Sector Trend Analysis - Baked Goods in the United States and Canada

** avg. annual spending on food outside the home for ages 35-44 and 45-54 highest (Food Institutes, 'Demographics of consumer food spending: 2012 report'

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